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We offer a wide selection of automotive batteries designed to suit different vehicle types and customer needs. Whether you need a battery for your passenger car, SUV, Light Trucks, Trucks, Buses, heavy-duty applications, we have got you covered with quality products that fit your power requirements and keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Our range includes batteries from reputable brands in the world such as Bosch and Willard, as well as our own brand Sparta.

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With an established reputation of over 130 years, Bosch has been shaping the automotive world with products that are meant to last a lifetime.

« Invented for life », Bosch Batteries stand out for their first-class quality, high performance capacity, robustness as well as excellent safety and operational reliability throughout their entire service life.

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We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate solutions that ease our customers ‘lives and deliver a real added value to the market.

 Thanks to our unrivalled experience and reputation in the field, we have managed to partner with the best industries in the world to manufacture High-standard batteries that meet the needs of both individuals and businesses at the best possible price.

Our Sparta batteries have become synonymous with power, longevity and high performance.

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A true-blue South African brand with an established reputation of over 67 years in the automotive sector, offering high-quality batteries designed with durability to withstand the rough and tough conditions typical of the African continent.

Manufactured to the highest standards yet offering an excellent value for money, Willard batteries are recognized all over for their reliability, durability and superior performance.

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