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We provide complete coverage of our clients' energy-related needs with our range of energy solutions, featuring generators, solar energy products and related services designed to lighten and power your homes, offices, workshops, industrial facilities and any other facilities you can think of. Whether you need backup power during outages or you simply want to lower your electricity bills and reduce your reliance on the grid while minimizing your carbon footprint, we have the right products and expertise to help you achieve your energy goals.

We also take pride in our unique approach to energy solutions that ensures that we complement our products with installation and maintenance services conducted to the highest international standards by highly experienced personnel at unbeatably low prices.


We offer a variety of generators to provide reliable backup power for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our selection includes portable generators for on-the-go power needs, as well as larger standby generators for continuous power supply during outages, all covered by unbeatable warranty terms and accompanied with high standard installation and maintenance services to ensure they provide maximum utility and satisfaction to our customers. Whether you need backup power for your home, workshop, or business, we have generators powered by gasoline or diesel to suit your requirements. With features such as automatic start/stop, low noise levels, and fuel efficiency, our generators ensure dependable performance and peace of mind. Trust Auto Lubumbashi to provide the right generator to keep your lights on and your operations running smoothly, even during power outages.

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One of the most reliable brands you can think of when it comes to your generator needs. Known for their reliability, efficiency, and durability, our Perkins generators offer you consistent power with robust construction and fuel efficiency. Available in various power outputs ranging from 20 kva to 500 kva, they provide dependable electricity for domestic, commercial, industrial, and emergency applications. Trust Auto Lubumbashi for high-quality Perkins generators that deliver reliable performance.

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Our own brand of generators, resulting from a combination of our hands-on experience with our outstanding customer service.

Sparta generators are known for their reliability and efficiency at affordable prices, entrenching them as a solid choice among individuals. These generators provide consistent power with their advanced technology and ease of use. Available in low power outputs of up to 10kva, Sparta generators are your number one option for domestic use. Trust our brand Sparta for dependable and high-quality generators that ensure optimal power supply.

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Yet another renowned brand of generators, trusted worldwide for their optimal performance, reliability, durability, and power; serving a wide range of industries including construction, agriculture, and power generation. Our selection of John Deere includes residential and industrial generators of 20 to 500 kva that are designed to deliver high performance and efficiency under the most demanding conditions. Equipped with advanced technology, they ensure optimal functionality, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

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Experience the best in-class performance of our Kubota generators that come in power levels of up to 20 kva to ensure a dependable power supply for any domestic and light industrial need. Durable, efficient and reliable, our selection of Kubota generators provides a perfect power solution for small businesses and homes.

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Designed for a variety of applications with low consumption, our Yanma Diesel generators are a cornerstone in the realm of power generation, offering a reliable source of energy to homes and small businesses at highly competitive prices.


With an increasing global drive to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and transition towards green initiatives, solar energy solutions have become a priority and we are well positioned and committed to playing a major role in this revolution.

Embrace sustainable development with our reliable, affordable and renewable energy solutions featuring solar panels, inverters, battery storage systems, charge controllers and mounting systems to create custom solar energy systems tailored to your requirements, allowing you to harness solar energy to power your homes and businesses with all their electrical equipment. Along with our accompanying professional installation and maintenance services, we ensure that you enjoy clean, reliable and renewable energy for years to come.

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Longi Solar

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